International Teachers Competition

World Education Forum for Talented Teachers
IPF – 2019
Warsaw – Poland 4-8 November 2019
International Teachers Competition

Competition of the best 10 teachers in the Arab Republic of Egypt for 2019
(Kindergartens – preparatory – secondary – higher education – university)

Sponsored by
1. European Institute for Educational Development Warsaw – Poland
2. Egyptian British Education Association – United Kingdom
3. Arab British Academy for Training and Human Development
(The sole representative of the Egyptian British Association for Education in Egypt)
4th -8th November 2019, will be held in five countries around the world simultaneously
The forum will bring together the best teachers (early years, primary, secondary and also higher education/university) from all over the world.
The best 10 teachers chosen ill join and participate to this Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF-2019, which will be held 4-8 November, 2019 simultaneously in five countries, and cities around the world – Finland (Helsinki), Singapore, the USA (Washington D.C.), Poland (Warsaw) and Germany (Berlin).

The best teachers all over the world have full-time participation in the forum for free ticket, accommodation and meals

For more information about here you could be

For more information about how to book and details of the competition please fill in this form very clearly and with all your details

0233028616 – 01144718016 – 01092229916 – 01064465221

‏what’s app: 01283844116

We are the only representative of IPF and you can only apply through us

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